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    My name is Tony. I am the admin and creator of this website. I live in North Hollywood California. I also do a Disney fan base podcast called Above The Firehouse. You can get via links. I remember going as a child to MLWM and loving it even though I did not get it at the time. Then there was a dead period where I did not go to the parks at all. Knott’s, Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Universal etc. Since 2006 I been mainly at Disneyland and Universal. It’s time to get to the other places.

    So I was I was watching the news and they said that MLWM would be closing and everything was being auctioned off. I could not let this happen and not go back. So I took my video camera and did a talk through and got in when they were showing the lots up for auction and we got to go where the public had not been able to go in a while. That’s when you realize how large the building is when you are inside.

    So here I am. I open this site as a tribute to MLWM and I also did interviews of some staff members. I am working on the documentary to release on DvD. It’s been slow and had stalled but it’s time to share my love for MLWM.


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