Sorry For Lack of Updates

In Sept 2015 I was a victim of Arson and I lost my car.  Being low income I could not afford better insurance.  The basic I was able to do.  Then loosing my job and trying to get another.  I was also paying for an annual pass at Disneyland I could not use just after renewing couple months before..  Then I was having hardware issues, video, memory and now a Hard Drive will soon not work.  I am trying to get a proper back up with bad luck it seems.  I have no had a chance to work on any art documentary or the site other then plugin upgrades. I have lots of stuff to share in the members only section like an old drawing of the layout of the building with the path and wax display.  This is a large paper and my scanner can only scan so large.  Plus other good stuff.  So please stay tuned once I can get over these issues

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I run this place. =)

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